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Turn Your Passion into Passive

Hey there, it’s time to stop working so hard

Don't you know that greatness comes to those who systemize - not struggle!

Whether you want to automate your welcome series for new subscribers to fall in love with you or stop the scroll with Canva templates - I've got you covered.

It's time to take the guesswork out of getting clients and get you booked out.

My name is Jenna, and it took me years to unlock the secrets of crafting the perfect email series and sales funnels.

Now I teach coaches just like you to create automated email systems, opt-in offers, and sales funnels that set you free with an endless stream of prospective coaching clients.

Here you'll find resources to:

🤖 Tap into the BOOMING side of Facebook Messenger

🤳 Create SCROLL-STOPPING graphics from Templates

🙌 Systems that AUTOMATE attracting your DREAM customers so that you can step away from the phone and be PRESENT in your life again.

🧠 Unlock the genius inside of YOU

💸 Develop multiple streams of income around your purpose and leverage the power of residual earnings

Available Products

Messenger Bot Strategy Session

Want to hop on a PRIVATE 1-Hour implementation session to jumpstart your Chatbot results? Discover EXACTLY where Messenger Bots fit into your business + get Jenna's personal attention and 1-on-1 help to get you setup FAST, right on the screen! This special offer is NOT available at ANY other time or place! (Normally $497)

Position of Pinfluence

Learn how to retarget with Pinterest Ads and convert more browsers into buyers. This is the perfect jump into Pinterest ads. Learn more inside!

Instagram Puzzle Canva Template with 24 Days of Instagram Content

Create a stunning Instagram Feed with this cohesive Instagram Puzzle Template made in Canva

MLM Authority Secrets

Some of the things will be covering during the MLM Authority Secrets course are...

  • How to rapidly grow your business outside of friends and family
  • How to own your story to grow your credibility and online audience
  • How to differentiate yourself and get comfortable presenting with passion that speaks volumes for your brand and business
  • Gain confidence in sharing your business opportunity so that you don't just make sales but create and grow your consistent residual income
  • My best tips for finding opportunities even if you live in a town with a lot of other reps 
  • Learn to sample your products successfully online and learn the best online marketing tactics to grow your business virtually
  • Grow your online presence (FB or IG following) so you can become an influencer and grow your business from your couch and even if you have littles at home
  • Develop a presentation around your product story that can be given from the stage or online (so you can make sales without feeling spammy)
  • Create a ‘pipeline’ of prospects for consistently enrolling new customers
My Products Available Products
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